MMB provides services for all aspects of the game. We can customize any workout to fit your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call, we are happy to talk about options.


What do we offer?

Mike Murphy Baseball offers something for everyone. Our private instruction, classes, camps, and clinics are comprehensive and detailed. Whether you play baseball or softball, we provide an individual approach to delivering outstanding results.


Starting as low at $75

  • Discounted Private Instruction
  • Free Batting cage time
  • Discounts on camps, clinics, and more

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It’s a Home Run!

Mike Murphy Baseball membership allows serious players to experience the customized training they need to meet their busy schedules.  Join today and get training!

Travel teams change, coaches change, but MMB is always here to assist in reaching your player’s goals.

Services Highlights

Batting Cage Rental

Monday-Friday 3:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday Closed

If looking for a team practice on the weekend email us.
Reservations are accepted and encouraged. To reserve a cage, call us at (925) 798-HITS(4487)

Private Instruction

Options include:

  • Hitting – Powered by Rapsodo
  • Pitching – Powered by Rapsodo and Driveline. 
    Ask for details!
  • Fielding
  • Running
  • Sliding

Birthday and Team Parties

  • 2 hours of party time
  • $300 for first 10 party goers
  • Each additional attendee $15.00 *max 15 attendees
  • Dedicated MMB Staff Member Instructor
  • Choice of party activities
  • Reserved Private Party Room
  • Set up & Clean up

Facility Rental

For more information regarding our Facility Rentals please call MMB at (925) 798-4487.

Team Workout

Teams may rent cages without an instructor. Coaches are encouraged to participate.

The MMB On-ramp to Arm Care Program

MMB is excited to offer an innovative Driveline® inspired arm care program. This program is designed to strengthen the arm, teach proper and efficient arm and body mechanics, and provide an understanding of how to warm up and cool down correctly. Our weekly, three-day program is uniquely designed to include two days of higher intensity exercise and one day of recovery. Individual sessions include full warmup using a combination of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, arm bands, wrist weights, and shoulder tubes. Following proper warm up, players undertake plyo ball exercises. Plyo ball workouts utilize both positively and negatively weighted balls designed to help the arm map out an efficient path to throwing while teaching body control. Heavier output days focus on drills completed near maximum effort to build strength and explosiveness. The program’s built-in recovery days also include plyo drills but take the intensity down to meet the bodies need for focused recovery. During each session, plyo activities are followed by full range throwing to incorporate the drills and exercises that the players utilized during their warm-up on-ramp. After integration throwing, players are taken through the after-throw recovery steps needed to efficiently, and safely, bring the body back to resting state. Players are encouraged to progress through each session at a pace that is efficient while listening to what their body needs each week. Generally, we have found that while players are learning the drills and routines the first few sessions last about an hour.