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MMB Facility will be closed for all of Saturday, January 22nd as we are hosting a Trosky Fielding Camp. 

Arm Strength Throwing Program M,W,F 7pm

Fielding Classes offered 3 days/week


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Training Hours



    10am – 3pm


    3pm – 9pm Open for members and private instruction 

    5:15pm – 6:15pm Fielding class for 9 and up

    7pm – 8pm Driveline Arm Velocity and Strengthening Program


    3pm – 9pm Open for members and private instruction

    5:15pm – 6:15pm Fielding class for 9 and up


    3pm – 9pm Open for members and private instruction

    7pm – 8pm – Driveline Arm Velocity and Strengthening Program


    3pm – 9pm Open for members and private instruction

    8:15pm-9:15pm Advanced Fielding Class 8th grade and up


    3pm – 10pm Open for members and private instruction

    7pm – 8pm – Driveline Arm Velocity and Strengthening Program


    10am – 3pm Open for members and private instruction

    7pm – 10pm CLOSED

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“At MMB, our certified professional instructors work as a team to help you get to your next level”

Mike Murphy Baseball is a nationally recognized baseball and softball academy that has been training ball players in the Bay Area since 1998. Our customer service, the knowledge and experience of our instructional team and our professionally designed baseball/softball performance center makes us the premier destination in Northern California for players striving to have a great season, hone a new skill and take it to their next level.

MMB trains all levels of players – Beginning with the little ones who are just starting out, to our high school players that are top in the nation and highly recruited by colleges and pro scouts, through to our professional players who train here in their off seasons.

MMB analyzes over 300,000 swings per month from all levels of players. Our private instruction, group classes, camps, and clinics provide the most comprehensive training available. Our attention to detail is indisputable.

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“It’s time to decide…. do you want to be a ballplayer, or just someone wearing a uniform?”

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Training with Mike Murphy is more then just a regular training facility. We have been taking our sons to Mike’s facility for over 11 years now. The knowledge, confidence, motivation and the fun learning environment at MMB is priceless. The knowledge Mike has given my son has not only translated on the baseball field but also in life. Our son has received numerous accolades throughout his high school, college and now professional baseball career. Without Mike’s and his staff’s expertise, he might not be in the position he’s in now. Mikes is still a huge factor in my son’s continuous growth and success in the game. With phone calls to breaking down his swing, to helping make adjustments as needed, training is not always on site but at all times. If you’re wanting to challenge your kids and take them to the next level, MMB is the place to go! Thanks Mike and the entire MMB staff
Monica and Lamont Calhoun
Mike Murphy Baseball was integral in the training of my son.  Mike and his staff are 100% about the kids and regardless of who you work with at MMB, you will get the best training available anywhere!  I have no doubt that other professional baseball instructors offer great training, but the atmosphere created by Mike and his staff made my son feel comfortable, safe and, consequently, motivated to apply himself and learn as much as possible.  I cannot say enough about Mike Murphy Baseball, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for first rate training in a motivating environment conducive to learning

Mike Riherd
Wanting to reach out to Chris DeBiasi. I don’t have his text # (Zac would love to share his progress).
Zac made the Frosh Baseball team. There were over 40 people who tried out, 20 were taken. He is on game 7 of his season and his stats are WOAH.  He’s a starter in almost all games.
He’s not had a strike out for a year, and his hitting….I could show you all of the stats next time we can get in for a lesson….We cannot be more grateful to you, Mike, Tommy, and the whole crew there at Mike Murphy. He’s absolutely thriving, and a good part of his success is the attention and guidance he has gotten through Mike Murphy through his life….. and we are so grateful for everthing.
Rachelle G.

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